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What are 'loose parts' anyway?

piles of loose parts
Examples of loose parts

Ever since I announced my book's title, Amelia's Loose Part Art, the question I have been asked the most is, "what are 'loose parts' anyway?" Simply put, loose parts are anything provided to children to use in their own imaginative way. Loose parts are an open-ended resource that supports play-based learning, meaning, they do not have a prescribed final product the way a puzzle does, for example.

Loose parts are popular in play-based early childhood and kindergarten classrooms. They are used to support learning in areas such as math, literacy, science, sensory, and art.

My book draws upon this popular trend and acts as a resource to promote curiosity and creativity in young children, while simultaneously helping adults encourage loose part play at home and in the classroom.

rocks, clothes pins, and pinecones used to create a loose part art flower
flower created with loose parts

Amelia is going to inspire young children to be resourceful and to think outside of the box. They will begin to notice the world around them in new ways. As they engage in the loose part art process, they will develop many skills including spatial awareness, abstract thinking, problem solving, and even fine motor and gross motor muscle strengthening.

At the end of Amelia's Loose Part Art, you will find a grown-up guide to loose parts with detailed ideas to get your child started in loose part art so that they can reap all the benefits in their overall development.

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