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5 Star Review from Reader's Favorite

Amelia's Loose Part Art, written by Angela Odusanya and illustrated by Dileema Medonza, tells the story of a young artist named Amelia with a unique artistic approach. Using her camera, she captures the beauty of the world around her, transforming these photos into stunning works of art, which she compiles in a special scrapbook. During a visit to her grandma's farm, she forgets her art supplies but learns a valuable lesson from her grandma: that art is within her, and supplies can be found everywhere. Using scrap fabrics and various materials she discovers around her, Amelia creates remarkable pieces of art. She names each creation, like "Pie in the Sky" and "Hay is for Horses." Upon her return home, she adds photographs of her new loose-part art to her scrapbook and continues to create, showcasing her boundless creativity.

Amelia's Loose Part Art by Angela Odusanya is a heartwarming tale that harnesses the idea that art is a part of the artist and creativity knows no bounds. I loved that through her use of imagination and resourcefulness, Amelia is able to create unique artworks without relying on traditional art supplies. Odusanya puts the importance of children thinking outside the box and nurturing their creative imagination at the forefront. My children really took to the message of solutions being found in unexpected places, and the next morning they were out picking flowers. Dileema Medonza breathes life into the story with exceptional artwork in a bold color palette and gorgeous visual illustrations. Overall, this is a wonderful book with great messaging and original illustrations. Very highly recommended.

Amelia's Loose Part Art_Front Cover.jpg

Amelia is a young artist, and

she takes her art box everywhere. However, when she visits her grandma for a sleepover, she forgets her art supplies at home! Will she be able to create masterpieces without them?

Join Amelia as she learns about loose part art and finds joy

in trying new things.

Amelia worked until she was done, saying...

"Loose part art is super duper fun!"

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