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Kickstarter Success, New Cover Art, and Off to the Press!

The Kickstarter campaign for Amelia's Loose Part Art continues to be successful. As I write this post, there are 12 days left of the campaign and we are sitting at 145% funded with one stretch goal unlocked. I am hopeful that we will be able to unlock the next stretch goal; maybe even two more stretch goals before the campaign ends on July 27th.

The early success we had prompted me to want to make the book even better and so I hired Arlene Soto or Intricate Designs to assist Dileema and I with formatting and designing the book. Arlene's role was to take the illustrations and the text and integrate them in the best possible way, help with the designs of the end pages (the pages at the beginning and end of the hardcover book), front and back matter (pages before and after the story), and she even helped us improve the cover design.

The book has now officially been finalized with upgrades such as end pages, UV spotting (which gives parts of the cover a shine and slight texture), and higher quality printing. The book is now in the hands of the printer and I will share an unboxing video in the coming weeks when I receive my author sample copy to check over before approving the full print run.

This journey has been incredible and I have learned so much about what it takes to take an idea and turn it into a book. My goal is that the book I place in your hands exceeds your expectations.

It is not too late to preorder your copy. Visit now!

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